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What do I use to seal my wefts?

April 4, 2009 | Filed Under Tips N Tricks | 2 Comments

Written By: Roslyn Woods

I’m often asked about weft sealing and the products I prefer. So here they are (in my personal order of preference)

  1. Hair Extensions 101 sealer
  2. Aleenes Stop Fraying

Both of these products work well for sealing wefts. The Hair Extensions 101 product is my favorite because of it’s fast drying and because it requires no additional cure time once applied.

Once either of these products dries, the wefts are secure and still very flexible.

What about using other glues as a weft sealer?

I would be careful of using any other glues as a weft sealer for the following reasons:

  • Not all of these glues will stand up to exposure to oils, heat, or water (in my opinion a good sealer must stand up to all three)
  • I am SUPER cautious about using some of these toxic glues next to my hair/scalp (This is ESPECIALLY true for me if they cannot withstand exposure to heat, oils, or water)

My suggestion to the ladies who want to try products outside of the tried and true (and well tested) sealants is to do some testing before you

  • apply something to your expensive hair


  • Use an untested glue as a sealant near your hair and scalp

I discovered Aleene’s could be used as a weft sealer by doing some very extensive testing of it and several other glues over the course of a week. I used some old BSS hair I had for testing purposes. (I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled my hubby was to see our dining room table COVERED with hair for this testingLOLLOLLOL) I did this testing because I did not want to ruin my good hair on an “experiment” and I did not want to have anything in my head that I wasn’t 100% positive would stand up to exposure to oils, heat, and water.

About FrayBlock and Fray Check

As a former seamstress, I rave over Fray Block and Fray Check for preventing fraying of FABRICS.. It does a very good job for that application.. However, IMO both of these products are entirely too thin, and lack the correct viscosity for sealing hair..

If you want to test this, put a drop of Fray Block and Fray check on a piece of plastic wrap or wax paper and let it dry. You’ll see that the product dries in a VERY thin sheet that is clear to slightly whitish in color.. This is PERFECT for fabrics.. but too thin IMO to be an effective hair sealant..

Bonding Glues as a Weft Sealer

Additionally bonding glues should not be used as a sealant as nearly all of these glues will wear off over time, and the black BSS bonding glue in particular will eventually turn to a sticky mess on your wefts..

My wefts turned white.. What now??

I hear this question asked over and over again.. So here’s my take on it.. The color of the wefts really shouldn’t matter since with a good install they will not be seen.. (seriously.. if you can see your wefts, you have bigger issues than white wefts..LOL)

However, for those who are really worried about it, you can always add a little POWDERED (not liquid) Rit dye to your weft sealer of choice. This will tint the sealer, and solve the”problem”.

Re-printed with author’s permission
Source: http://divahairtalk.overthehillweb.com
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  1. can lace wig glue be used for sealing wefts

    Comment by nisha — November 2, 2011 #

  2. You can try, not sure if it will work

    Comment by Lanikshair — November 3, 2011 #

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